Mitti (Mud) Refrigerator

Mitti (Mud) Refrigerator
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Mitti (Mud) Refrigerator

Mitticool Refrigerator is made up of clay. An eco-friendly product. It is basically a clay fridge that keeps the food fresh and cool, without any electricity.

Mitt cool serves the main purpose of managing to keep fruits and vegetables fresh to a week. Mitti or clay has natural property coolant and this property of clay has been used well to make a miticool refrigerator. In this refrigerator, water is kept into a top chamber and a bottom half chamber that acts as the fridge. The water chamber seems to be what keeps refrigerator cool along with the particular clay that the fridge is made of.

Main features:

  • It is very useful as it saves electricity.
  • Can be used to store drinking water
  • Maintains the original taste of fruits and vegetables
  • Vegetable and fruits can be stored in it for 3 or 4 days maintaining their quality
  • Does not require any form of maintenance.
  • Eco-friendly, made up of clay and does not require electricity.
  • It is highly affordable so it is a good alternative conventional refrigerator

The min temperature manged by this mitticool fridge is 20 Degrees/ ten degrees less than the temperature outside it. Refrigerator is made by terracotta which is baked at 1200 degrees.


Brand Name: Mitticool

Material used: Terracotta clay

Product Name: Mitticool refrigerator

Storage Capacity: 50 litter

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