Sweet Jaggery from Gujarat, India

Sweet Jaggery from Gujarat, India
Sweet Jaggery from Gujarat, India
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Sweet Jaggery from Gujarat, India

Jaggery is used as sweetener in many places. It has mesmerizing taste. Sweet Jaggery from Gujarat has high demand in global market. It in rich in minerals like magnesium, potassium and iron. Magnesium maintains the nervous system & potassium is essential to preserve the acid balance in the cells. Sweet Jaggery from Gujarat does not contain any chemicals, it is chemical free. Jaggery is used in preparation in many sweet desserts. Even Jaggery has medicinal importance, in Ayurveda it advised as daily Health Nutrition value. It purify the blood, regulates the liver function and act as defensive agent for lung from air pollution.

Sweet Jaggery keeps the body fit and healthy.

It contains up to 65-85 % sucrose , up to 10% Glucose , moisture content of up to 5-8 %, and the remainder made up of other insoluble matter such as ash, proteins and fibers.

Health benefits

  • Valuable for natural growth of body
  • Fulfills the necessity of calories and deficiency of Iron.
  • Active supplements for daily diet.
  • Beneficial for Heart and act as Liver stimulant.
  • Act as Medicine in Hepatitis (Jaundice) and joint pains.
  • Having diuretic features.
  • Regular use avoids kidney diseases.
  • Increases semen and sperm counts.
  • Blood purifier and raise Hemoglobin.
  • Used in preparation of many sweet dishes.
  • Used in cosmetics & Bakery products.
  • Useful in making of Ayurvedic medicines, Asav-Aristh syrup.

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