Mitticool Cooker

Mitticool Cooker
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Mitticool Cooker

Mitticool Cooker is an eco-friendly product, It is designed with the special clay. This Mitticool cooker retains the flavor of the food and makes the cooked food more healthy. It is bio-degradable and disposable. It can be easily used over any stove.

Health Benefits

  • It makes the food more delicious while retaining its nutrition value.
  • The pressure in the cooker is only that much which is required, more pressure lessens the nutrients from the food.
  • It keeps the food hygienic and natural

How to use

  • Before you start cooking food in mitticool cooker, fill the pan with water or buttermilk for two days, which maintains the strength in the pan.
  • Allow the cooker to dry for some time, after you wash the cooker do not put directly to stove.
  • While you wash, soak the cooker in boiled water for an hour to retain the strength of the cooker and with the sponge clean the stains
  • It is suggested to make sure the lid is properly tight before cooking.

Washing Method

After infilling the food from the pressure cooker, fill it with water and keep the water standing in it, for 10 minutes. Use soft brush to wash it. After taking out all the food from the cooker, fill the cooker with water, and put it for 10 minutes. Use brush or sponge to clean it.

Note: Before use, soak the cooker into normal water for 2 days and allow it dry for 1 day to increase the durability of clay for the best results

Brand Name: Mitticool

Material used: Terracotta clay

Product Name: Mitticool cooker

Storage capacity:3 litter

Material: Clay

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