Swadeshi Chikitsa by Rajiv Dixit

Swadeshi Chikitsa by Rajiv Dixit
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Swadeshi Chikitsa by Rajiv Dixit

दवा और डाक्टर के बिना सुखी और स्वस्थ कैसे रहें (How to stay Happy & Healthy without Medicine and Doctor)


यह व्याख्यान महर्षि वागभट्ट के ग्रन्थ पर आधारित है और इसमें बताया गया है की आप बिना दवा और डाक्टर के कैसे स्वस्थ रह सकते है | (The lectures in the CD are based on book of Maharshi Vagbhata and explains how you can stay healthy without medicine or doctor)

Vagbhata is one of the three classical writers of ayurveda, along with Charaka and Sushruta, who wrote the Ashtanga Sangraha and the Ashtanga Hridayam Samhita. He is believed to have lived in the 7th century until the age of 135. In his writings, he often made references to Charaka and Sushruta .

Vagbhata was a Disciple of Charaka. Both of his books were originally written in Sanskrit with 3000 sutra. According to Vagbhata, 85% of diseases can be cured without a doctor; only 15% of diseases require a doctor.

Rajiv Dixit, an Indian social activist, did a lot of research on Vagbhata's writings and condensed his writings into three books, known as the "Swadeshi Chikitsa" (Part 1, 2, 3).


The product includes 1 CD written by us and it has the collection of the lectures on Ashtang Hradyam explained in easy Hindi language by Rajiv Bhai in Hindi.

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